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Wall Ties

Wall Tie Survey

We provide thorough wall tie surveys using optical fibre Borescope to find out the condition of the existing wall ties.

The survey will answer these 3 main points:

  1. Have there any wall ties installed before?
  2. What is the condition of the ties?
  3. Do the existing ties need to be isolated?

Wall tie installation

We provide full wall tie installation using mechanical and resin based ties, depending on the requirements of the survey.

Wall Tie Isolations

Even if new ties are installed, the existing wall ties may need to be isolated from the other skin of brickwork to avoid further corrosion and wall defects. Please ask for further information via our contact page.

PAM Double Mechanical Wall Tie

Description and Use

Unique design concept - a Pre-Torqued Full Radial Anchor Expansion Fix tie of the highest quality.

PAM Double Mechanical Wall Tie is the reliable Double Mechanical Precision Pre-Torqued Tie that sets new standards in replacement wall ties. Its unique special coated black stainless steel precision limited torque nut combined with the precision modified stainless steel bar provides a fixing system which permits:

  • Rapid continuous fixing to both inner and outer leafs in under ten seconds
  • Ensures inner leaf fixes to pre-torqued level before outer leaf engages
  • Pre-torque setting reliably produces pull out figures in excess of over 2.5 kilo newton's
  • Can be easily fitted using a power drill or a single manual tool for fast, efficient low cost installation

The Ties are available in the following standard designs and styles:


Neoprene wall tie

Stainless Steel/Stainless Steel - Brass/Brass

Stainless Steel wall tie